BTS V’s birthday: ARMY’s global purple projects from South Korea to Japan, US


December 30th isn’t just any day – it’s V’s Day! As BTS’ vocalist 28, his devoted ARMY is gearing up for a global celebration unlike any other. From the bustling streets of Seoul to the neon lights of Tokyo and beyond, fans are ready to paint the world (Bora) purple in honor of their beloved Taehyung.

BTS V Birthday projects(Bighit music, compose coffee)
BTS V Birthday projects(Bighit music, compose coffee)

BTS V birthday projects globally

In South Korea, vibrant billboards featuring V’s radiant smile are illuminating major cities. Cafes are ready to serve delectable Taehyung-themed treats and beverages. Meanwhile, Japanese fans are planning on elaborate flash mobs and dance covers, showcasing their synchronized moves on his Layover hits.

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In the United States, ARMYs are going above and beyond. Anticipate iconic landmarks such as the Times Square screen and the Hollywood sign being illuminated in shades of purple. Fan initiatives will also contribute to charitable causes close to V’s heart. Yet, this merely scratches the surface! Social media platforms are abuzz with birthday greetings, fan-created art, and touching tributes.

Compose Coffee special birthday project for BTS’ V

Taehyung has been unveiled as the official brand ambassador for Compose Coffee, a cherished coffee house with a widespread presence. Currently, preparations are underway to embellish all 2,414 ‘Compose Coffee’ outlets across the country. Excitement is also mounting for the imminent launch of the ‘V drink,’ along with specially designed cup holders and upcoming television commercials.

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BTS’ V birthday project in Thailand

Thailand BTS ARMY is hosting a CAPTAIN V RADIO, dedicated to BTS member V. It involves broadcasting a special event on Easy FM 105.5 MHz, a radio station in Thailand. The purpose is to allow fans to relive the moments of V as a DJ, listening to his stories and music on the radio. The broadcast will take place on December 29-30, 2023, with specific time slots mentioned for each day.

Taehyung’s birthday project in China

In the previous year, Baidu Viva, V’s largest fan club in China, marked his birthday by unveiling two charitable projects. To honor V, Baidu Viva symbolically adopted animals at Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing, China, using V’s name and those of his fans.Also, fans from China gave money to help women’s health through the ‘Pink Ribbon Campaign.’ This year, they plan to keep doing these kinds of good things with even more excitement and new ideas.

How fans are celebrating in Japan

Japanese fan club Miku is hosting a light show at the Sapporo TV Tower in Sapporo. Closer to home, V INSIDE and BTS V UNION have set up a special birthday sculpture and photo zone adjacent to the HYBE building.

BTS’ V birthday project in Bangkok

Thailand’s iconic Empire Tower, boasting the country’s tallest office building, will be splashed with a birthday bash for BTS’ V, all thanks to a dazzling LED screen display running from December 25th to 31st.

Fans Shower V with Love Through Birthday Bus

Despite fans being unable to be present when V commenced his military duty at the Nonsan Army Training Center on December 11, it didn’t hinder them from conveying a touching message. Even from a distance, V felt their love and support as a unique wrapping bus decorated with birthday wishes and well-being notes pulled in.

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