Budget 2024: Indian Railways To Convert 40,000 Bogies To Vande Bharat Express’ Standards | Railways News


In a game-changing move announced in Budget 2024, Indian Railways will be upgrading the travel experience as a major upgrade of 40,000 regular bogies is lined-up. Indian Railways will transform 40,000 bogies to match the high standards of the Vande Bharat Express. Think of it as a massive makeover for a more modern, efficient, and comfortable travel experience. This initiative is part of the government’s Prime Minister’s Gatishakti scheme, introducing three new railway corridors. It’s like giving our trains a tech-savvy facelift, ensuring that the journeys of passengers become smoother and more enjoyable. Furthermore, a dedicated corridor will ease of congestion, improving movement of cement, minerals, and energy. Also, the government plans on expanding the metro and NaMo Bharat services to bigger cities.

In the recent past, Vande Bharat Express trains have received an overhaul, aiding them with new features. These improvements will also be implemented on these 40,000 bogies that will be modified from to fit in the Vande Bharat Express trains.

Vande Bharat Express: Top 10 Improvements

1) The driver desk to get the coloured theme in the Driving Trailer Coaches for better visibility and aesthetics

2) Interchange of emergency stop push button in driver control panel for easy access to loco pilot

3) Improved upper trim panel for better aesthetics and firmness of the panel in coaches

4) Modified panels of single piece construction of FRP panels to improve aesthetics inside the coaches

5) Improved air tightness for better air conditioning with insulation over panels

6) Improved aerosol-based fire detection and suppression system inside the coaches

7) Standardized colours for toilet panels with similar colours

8) Executive Chair Car to get new ‘pleasant blue’ coloured seats instead of a red theme

9) Increase in wash basin depth to avoid splashing of water in the lavatories

10) Increase in the seat reclining angle of all clas

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