‘Bullsh*t’: Salman dismisses his stardom, says he has not gone out for ‘dinner in 25-26 years’ | Bollywood News


Salman Khan has been a superstar since he appeared in his first role as a lead hero back in 1989’s Maine Pyar Kiya, yet the actor believes there is nothing ‘superstarry’ about him. In a recent interview, after the release of his latest film Tiger 3, Salman said that he has never felt like a superstar and shared that he has not stepped out to go for dinner in over 25 years.

In a chat with India Today, Salman said, “I have not stepped out of the house and gone for dinner in 25-26 years, or perhaps even more than that. I travel when I have to shoot. My only outdoor moment is when I sit in my lawn or then I go to the farm. My travel is home, shoot, hotel, airport, location, back home and then to the gym. That’s it.”

Salman said that he spends more time with his staff than his family and said that he doesn’t even go out to shop. He said that the only time he goes out is when he is with his mother and they go out for coffee. “The closest I have been to stepping out is perhaps when mom is with me and we have stepped out to the closest restaurant or something to have a coffee perhaps. But that’s it,” he said.

On being one of the superstars of the Hindi film industry, Salman said that he has “never felt like a superstar ever” and said that his “habits are not that of a superstar.” “The way I travel, the way I dress, there is nothing I do that speaks superstar. My mind is not tuned that way. Nothing about me is any superstarry. Nothing at all,” he said.

Addressing himself in third person, Salman said, “I don’t think Salman Khan is a superstar. It is all bulls**t. I have never felt it. I am just happy to wake up in the morning, have my coffee and start my day. I just want to give my best.”

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Salman Khan is now looking forward to his next film, which is being directed by Sooraj Barjatya.

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