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New Delhi: Numerous individuals have transformed their financial vulnerabilities into triumphs through persistence and diligent effort. Many successful business magnates have ascended to new heights, propelled by their unyielding commitment, marking the inception of their success stories.

An exemplary illustration of such an inspiring narrative is Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath, who, with tenacity and diligence, built a brand worth Rs 300 crore. In 1984, in Mumbai, Kamath embarked on the production of Natural Ice Cream, dedicating his entire life to making natural ice cream accessible to all.

The early years of Raghunandan Kamath were shaped by his father, a mango vendor in Mangalore, Karnataka. Under his father’s guidance, Kamath honed the skills of selecting and preserving the finest fruits. Armed with this knowledge, he ventured to Mumbai with the ambition of establishing his own business.

On February 14, 1984, Raghunandan inaugurated Naturals, his inaugural ice cream venture, in Juhu, Mumbai. Commencing with only four employees and a repertoire of 10 ice cream varieties, his business embarked on its journey.

Facing a tepid response initially, Raghunandan ingeniously decided to complement his ice cream offerings with spicy pav bhaji. Recognizing the habit of enjoying a sweet and cold treat after a spicy pav bhaji, he strategically used fruit, milk, and sugar to create his ice cream. Over time, people’s confidence in him grew, leading to a surge in customers for Raghunandan’s ice cream shop.

From its humble 200-square-foot establishment in Juhu’s Koliwada neighbourhood, Kamath’s venture generated Rs 5,00,000 in revenue in its inaugural year. After a year, he phased out pav bhaji sales to focus on developing a comprehensive ice cream brand.

Kamath’s current six-table restaurant offers five distinct flavors of frozen fruit ice cream, including strawberry, mango, chocolate, cashew raisins, and custard apple. Naturals Ice Cream has expanded to more than 135 locations nationwide, featuring 20 diverse flavors such as jackfruit, raw coconut, and others.

Media reports estimate Naturals Ice Cream’s retail turnover to be around Rs 300 crore in FY 2020. For over four decades, Kamath has maintained the distinctive feature of his ice cream—no added colors or chemicals, using only natural ingredients in his creations.

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