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New Delhi: Nikhil Kamath, the co-founder of Zerodha, India’s largest retail stockbrokerage firm, isn’t your typical success story. He dropped out of school at 16, defied traditional career paths, and built a billion-dollar business through sheer passion, innovation, and a bit of rebellion.

Building Blocks: Family and Early Days

Born in Mangalore to a bank employee father and a homemaker mother, Nikhil, and his elder brother Nithin, were exposed to the world of finance early on. Their father often discussed the stock market, sparking a curiosity in young Nikhil that would later turn into a burning ambition. Despite his natural aptitude for math and problem-solving, the rigidities of formal education didn’t sit well with him. Nikhil dropped out of school at 16, a decision that initially met with resistance but one that would define his unconventional journey.

First Steps: From Call Centres to Code

Nikhil’s first job was at a call centre, a far cry from the bustling world of finance he dreamed of. However, this experience instilled in him the importance of customer service and understanding people’s needs, skills that would later prove invaluable. Meanwhile, his fascination with the stock market remained undimmed. He spent his free time learning to code, creating algorithms for automated trading, and honing his skills as a trader.

Breaking Barriers: Zerodha is Born

In 2010, Nikhil, along with Nithin, founded Zerodha. Their vision was simple: to democratize access to the stock market by making it affordable and user-friendly. They challenged the established brokerage firms with their revolutionary no-frills, discount brokerage model. Zerodha offered low brokerage fees, a user-intuitive platform, and a focus on transparency, quickly capturing the hearts (and wallets) of retail investors.

Growth, Impact, and Beyond

Driven by Nikhil’s tech-savvy and risk management expertise, and Nithin’s business acumen, Zerodha grew at an astounding pace. Today, it boasts over 12 million clients, revolutionized the trading landscape in India, and empowered a generation of young investors. Nikhil’s unconventional path and bold approach have made him an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and financial enthusiasts.

Beyond Zerodha: A Life of Learning and Giving

Nikhil doesn’t limit himself to just Zerodha. He is a thought leader in the financial space, a chess enthusiast, and a passionate advocate for education reform. He has founded True Beacon, an asset management firm catering to high-net-worth individuals, and actively invests in start-ups. Through his foundation, he promotes financial literacy and supports underprivileged communities.

He proves that success can be built on an unconventional path, paved with learning, grit, and a deep desire to make a difference.

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