Home Business Check How Ayodhya Is Being Transformed Into A World-Class City | Real Estate News

Check How Ayodhya Is Being Transformed Into A World-Class City | Real Estate News

Check How Ayodhya Is Being Transformed Into A World-Class City | Real Estate News


Ayodhya City is anticipated to become a global tourism destination with a focus on spiritual, cultural, and heritage assets and events as the city is likely to grow manifold with significant demand in hospitality and allied industries. The city is envisaged to be developed as a mega centre for tourist, economic and religious activities. The development work is being undertaken for Rs 85,323 crore to enable the city to handle a daily footfall of 31 lakh people. The proposal aims at leveraging Tourism as an engine of growth to create regional economic development and epicentre of employment generation by facilitating the long-term growth and development of the tourism industry.

The development vision encapsulates the identification of infrastructure and tourism development in the Ayodhya Development Authority Area of 875sq km including the current master-planned city area of 133 sq km and core city of 31.5 sq. km. CP Kukreja Architects has also prepared a detailed project report, and cost outlay and its rollout for Smart Ayodhya over 1,200 acres. The master plan of Ayodhya would be developed on contextual planning as opposed to Greenfield development.

The projects aim to achieve the following:

* To boost economic development centred around tourism, integrated with spiritual, traditional healthcare, residential, traditional healthcare, Social, commercial, hotels etc. assessing the future growth potential for the next 100 years.

* Develop/augment civic infrastructure (water, sewerage, power supply, and distribution, energy, regional and city level transport etc.)

* Planning to be experience-based and not regular zoning. Case studies to refer some of the best experiential International cities like Vatican City, and Venice and Indian examples like Amritsar, Varanasi, Madurai, and Tirupati.

* Colour palette for buildings’ facades and special architectural features to ensure heritage-based aesthetic development.

The tourist attractions will include the following:

* Heritage assets of the city including retrofitting and redevelopment of core city area and temple influence zone. Special attention to the Sri Ram Temple Area of 108 acres for seamless integration.

* Curate tourism experience for heritage and others are of interest. eg. public places, and events.

* Riverfront development of Saryu River and water sports.

* The Three Parikrama Margs (5,14,84kosi) with adequate facilities.

* Integrated development and connectivity to neighbourhood pilgrim destinations.

The consecration ceremony of Lord Ram’s idol will take place on January 22. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath will attend the event.

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