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New Delhi: These days, many different paths lead to millionaire status. All you need is a healthy dose of self-belief and good fortune. A woman who became a millionaire by doing something completely unexpected is becoming very popular. Tell us her story, please. We frequently read about people who use their education or talents in a certain field—along with a healthy dose of good fortune—to become millionaires.

This woman is becoming viral because she made millions of dollars by picking up trash from people’s homes. (Also Read: Google Pixel 8 Pro Available At A Discount Of Rs 17,000 On Flipkart: Here’s How To Avail The Deal)

Auri Kananen Success Story

At just 30 years old, Auri Kananen from Tampere, Finland, has become a millionaire by doing something unexpected—cleaning dirty houses for free. In the past year, she traveled to countries like the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, and the US, offering her cleaning services without charge. (Also Read: Surat Diamond Bourse: All You Need To Know About World’s Largest Office Building- In Pics)

Auri’s journey to wealth began in 2020 when she started cleaning houses on weekends while holding a regular 9 to 5 job as a cleaning supervisor during the week.

The videos of her cleaning transformations were shared on social media, garnering attention and building a substantial following. Auri’s YouTube channel alone brought in over €500k (£431K) in the last year through ad revenue and sponsors.

Despite her newfound success, Auri remains grounded, emphasizing that her love for cleaning and sharing it with the world has not changed. She expressed joy in the satisfaction she derives from cleaning and the happiness it brings her. Auri, who now boasts 10 million followers on TikTok, described her excitement, saying, “It’s like I have my cleaning crew.”

Auri’s cleaning journey is not limited to tidy homes; she seeks out dirtier houses each week, finding joy in the challenge of transforming heavily soiled spaces. Despite encountering homes with knee-high rubbish, grimy kitchens, and even rats, Auri maintains her positive outlook, believing that “the dirtier, the better.”

Reports suggest that Auri Kananen started making content three years ago, during the pandemic, helping hoarders, individuals with mental health issues, and those facing difficulties in maintaining their living spaces. Having battled depression in her teenage years, Auri empathizes with the people she helps, stating, “I can relate to these people who need help because I have felt like they have before.”

Auri’s passion for cleaning has taken her across borders to countries like the UK, USA, and Switzerland, where she provides her expertise in giving homes a total makeover.


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