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New Delhi: Biscuit brand Parle-G, a household name since 1938, has left internet users scratching their head with a post suggesting that it is coming up with ‘Dark Parle-G’ variant.

From what looks like the creative imagination of netizen who posted the picture of the ‘Dark Parle-G’ variant on X (formerly Twitter), social media frenzy reached its pinnacle imagining their favourite childhood biscuit in a new avatar.

There is no official confirmation from Parle Products, neither can you find the mention of Dark Parle-G on the company’s official website. 

A section of the social media website also suggested that the picture could have been AI generate. However that did not stop internet users from commenting on their childhood nostalgic biscuit. From mere internet speculations, netizens even took to sharing their experience on the probable taste of their favourite biscuit. 








In June 2020, it was reported that Parle-G achieved a unique feat of selling the most amount of biscuits during  COVID-19 lockdown across the country. Although the parent company, Parle Products, refused to show their specific sales statistics, they affirmed that the firm has experienced their best months in their eight decades during March, April, and May 2020.

The unprecedented sale of biscuits during the COVID-19 lockdown phase went up massively in the country as people stacked up on easy and simple essential food items, according to reports.

The company reportedly restocked its distribution channels within 7 days to guarantee product availability at retail outlets during the lockdown.

Several state governments requisitioned the company for biscuits and many NGOs also bought Parle-G in great quantity. The company restarted its production from March 25 onwards. 

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