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The Delhi government has recently implemented new regulations concerning vehicles that have reached the end of their lifespan. These rules aim to address the issue of ageing vehicles on the capital’s roads and in public parking areas. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of the policy.

Private Parking Exemption:

Under the new rules, old vehicles parked in private parking spaces will not be subject to confiscation by the Transport Department. This exemption provides relief to vehicle owners who may have limited options for disposing of their ageing vehicles.

Enforcement Measures:

Old vehicles found operating on Delhi’s roads or parked in public parking lots will face enforcement actions by the Transport Department. However, owners will have an opportunity for release upon first offence, provided they pay a fine, submit an affidavit committing to cease driving the vehicle, and meet prescribed standards.

Repeat offences of operating or parking old vehicles in public areas will result in the vehicle being scrapped, rendering it ineligible for release. This stringent measure underscores the government’s commitment to removing outdated and polluting vehicles from Delhi’s streets.

Criteria For Release:

To retrieve a vehicle confiscated by the Transport Department, owners must provide an affidavit, pay fines, and demonstrate proof of private parking. Additionally, authorization from the Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) and the vehicle’s registration certificate (RC) will be required.

Interstate Vehicle Regulations:

Vehicles registered in other states that exceed their registration age and are found operating in Delhi will face confiscation. Owners will incur a fine of Rs 10,000 and must justify the presence of the vehicle in the capital. Failure to pay the fine immediately will result in blacklisting of the vehicle on the portal.

The implementation of these new rules marks a significant step by the Delhi government in tackling the issue of old and potentially hazardous vehicles on the city’s roads.

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