Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway Commuters Alert! NHAI Hikes Toll Charges From April 1; Check New Rates | Mobility News



Starting April 1, commuters travelling on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway and the Sohna elevated road will experience adjusted toll charges, as announced by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). These revisions affect various vehicle categories, reflecting the NHAI’s efforts to maintain and improve road infrastructure.

Details of Toll Charge Adjustments

1. Private Cars: The toll at Kherki Daula toll plaza for private cars will increase to Rs 85 per trip, a Rs 5 hike from the previous rate.

2. Light Commercial Vehicles and Mini-buses: Toll charges for light commercial vehicles and mini-buses remain unchanged at Rs 120 per trip.

3. Buses, Trucks, and Multiple Axle Vehicles: Toll rates for buses, trucks, and multiple axle vehicles will rise to Rs 250 per trip, up from Rs 245.

4. Monthly Passes: Monthly passes for personal cars will now cost  Rs 930, while commercial cars and jeeps will be priced at Rs 1225.

At the Sohna toll plaza, toll rates for the Sohna elevated road remain steady at Rs 125 per trip at the Ghamroj toll plaza. However, adjustments have been made for different vehicle categories:

  • ¬†Light Commercial Vehicles: Toll increases from Rs 200 to Rs 205 per trip.
  • Buses and Two-Axle Trucks: Toll adjusts to Rs 430 per trip from Rs 420.
  • Three-Axle Trucks: Toll rises to Rs 465 per trip, previously Rs 455.

Purpose Of Toll Adjustments

These adjustments in toll charges are part of a yearly process linked to fluctuations in the wholesale price index, as explained by a senior NHAI official. The NHAI’s objective is to ensure fair toll rates that accommodate different vehicle types while supporting the maintenance and sustainability of the road network.

While toll adjustments for commuters using the expressway have been announced, the official rates for the Delhi-Mumbai expressway from Gurugram to Dausa are yet to be finalized and implemented, according to a senior official from the Sohna project implementation unit.

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