Did Lee Sun Kyun kill himself amid drug probe? Police probing suicide angle


The tragic death of actor Lee Sun Kyun has not only sent shockwaves through the Korean film industry but has reverberated globally, considering his acclaimed, award-winning roles. The 48-year-old actor was found dead in a car amid drug investigation.

 Lee Sun Kyun(Getty Images (HODU&U Entertainment))
Lee Sun Kyun(Getty Images (HODU&U Entertainment))

Police probing suicide angle

The Police is now probing whether the Oscar winning actor committed suicide after his manager asserted that he left a note with suicidal intentions, Yonhap News Agency which quoted police officials.

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Lee Sun Kyun’s manager reportedly found the suicide note

According to the most recent reports, the hours before he was found dead Lee had gone missing from home after leaving a note. Jeon Hye Jin, his wife, had even filed a missing report with the police. Later the police the confirmed finding a body inside a car and identified him as Lee. The car was close to charcoal briquettes in a park in Seoul, Yonhap reported.

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Lee Sun Kyun's car picture at the time of death(YONHAP news)
Lee Sun Kyun’s car picture at the time of death(YONHAP news)

‘Do no spread misinformation’, Lee’s agency asks fans

In a statement given to SPOTV, Lee Sun Kyun’s agency, HODU&U Entertainment, expressed deep sorrow and grief over the actor’s recent demise. They confirmed his passing and urged fans to refrain from spreading misinformation. The announcement also noted that the funeral would be a private affair, with the deceased’s grieving family and colleagues present.

“There are no words to contain our sorrow and grief. Please respectfully refrain from spreading false information via speculation or malicious statement so that the final path of the deceased will not be unfair. The funeral will be held quietly with the deceased’s bereaved family and colleagues.” Said HODU&U Entertainment.

Lee Sun Kyun was about to prove his innocence

After undergoing three negative narcotics tests and even seeking a lie detector test during his final investigation on December 26th, the actor was discovered deceased at the age of 48.

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