Director reveals Sunny Deol did action scenes for his duplicate ‘when he started screaming’: ‘Hero became the duplicate’s duplicate’ | Bollywood News


Bollywood actor Sunny Deol is currently in Goa for the 54th International Film Festival of India. At the IFFI Masterclass, Sunny sat down for a discussion with directors Anil Sharma, Rajkumar Santoshi and Rahul Rawail.

The directors revealed how Sunny always listened to them, despite sometimes being the producer of the film. Rahul also recalled how Sunny, who was the hero in a film, stepped in when the duplicate failed to do a scene.

Santoshi, who helmed Ghayal, was explaining a scene in the film and said that Sunny had to save the heroine from goons in the particular scene. He said, “Sunny usually does not smoke cigarettes, but in that film, he does it with style. Then he turns back and hits the goons, both fall on each side and the fight scene is over. Sunny then sees there is blood on his hands and he wipes it on the boss’s shirt (in the film) and leaves.”

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After looking at the scene, stunt director Tinnu Anand told Santoshi, “Tinnu said, ‘No, we want a fight with Sunny.’ I went and told Sunny, ‘this is what I want and Tinnu is saying this.’ Sunny said, ‘Raj is right. Fight is not required here.’ Sunny never interfered with the director. Even though he could have done it.”

Rahul also took a trip down the memory lane and said, “Sunny does not say no to anything. While filming Betaab, Sunny had to tame a wild horse. We thought ‘Sunny cannot do this.’ So Tinu Varma was the duplicate. But Tinu Varma started screaming while filming the shot. So finally, Sunny did the duplicate shots as well. So I said that this has happened for the first time that a hero became the duplicate’s duplicate.”

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Sunny was recently seen in the blockbuster film Gadar 2, marking his solid return to the box office.


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