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New Delhi: Counting of votes in the Pakistan General elections are underway where independent candidates supported by Imran Khan have dashed the hopes of the Sharif brothers. PTI-supported independent candidates have won more seats than Nawaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto’s parties. And the full results are yet to come. But it is clear that Imran Khan is still the first choice of the Pakistani people.

In today’s DNA, Zee News analysed the shocking results of the general elections in Pakistan. We also analysed the mockery of democracy in display during the polls.

In the elections held on February 8, there were more rigging than voting, some booths were captured, some ballot papers were changed, some ballot boxes were looted. It seemed that there was no election in Pakistan but a joke of democracy. 

Nawaz Sharif, who returned to Pakistan with the desire to become the prime minister for the fourth time, contested the election from two seats. And when it was almost confirmed that Nawaz Sharif was losing the election from both the seats, suddenly the game changed and he won from the Lahore seat.

But the notification of the Election Commission itself exposed Nawaz Sharif’s victory. The seat from which Nawaz Sharif won the election, there were more valid votes counted than the total votes cast. That is, on the seat where Nawaz Sharif was declared the winner, the total votes cast were 293,693 and the total valid votes written in the notification are 294,043. That is, 350 more valid votes than the total votes cast. Not only that, out of the 18 candidates who contested from this seat, 14 were shown zero votes. 

Despite getting the support of the army, the people of Pakistan rejected Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif was contesting the election from two seats. He lost from Mansehra seat, while he won from Lahore seat. But the votes on the seat where Nawaz Sharif won are accused of rigging.

Nawaz Sharif and his party leaders were filled with enthusiasm after getting the support of the army. But Imran’s independent candidates’ spectacular victory shattered Nawaz’s electoral fort. That is why Nawaz Sharif has now offered the independents to form an alliance.

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