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New Delhi: Elon Musk, who doesn’t care if drinking gallons of diet coke affects life, has expressed his dissatisfaction over coffee and its stimulant effect, if any.

In a post on X, he said that he likes the ritual and aesthetics that go into making coffee but does not “notice the stimulant effect much, unless I have several cups”. “I’ve gone several days without coffee… Not an obvious cognitive win,” he wrote to his millions of followers.

The billionaire was reacting to a post which said, among other things, that “delay consumption (of coffee) until at least 90 minutes after waking up”. “Sure, I will be alive — I’ve gone several days without coffee — but what’s the point of waiting so long?” Musk chuckled.

In March this year, Musk shared his strong opinion about a type of coffee called latte. “A latte is really just an excuse for adults to order warm milk without sounding like a baby,” Musk posted. He, however, appreciated the art done on coffee while serving the drink. “Cappuccino/latte art is delightful,” he added.

Musk’s love for diet coke is no secret. “Diet Coke & Coke Zero are awesome. I don’t care if drinking gallons of it shaves a bit of life off. Worth it,” he once posted. Even as global health officials were clamouring over aspartame being a possible carcinogen, Tesla and SpaceX CEO had said that diet coke, which contains the artificial sweetener, is still his favourite drink.

“Diet Coke is amazing, especially the soda fountain version at movie theatres with salt & butter popcorn. don’t even care if it lowers my life expectancy,” he said. The tech billionaire once posted a picture, with four diet cokes, a traditional gun, and a revolver kept at his bedside table.

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