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After bidding adieu to its sales and manufacturing operations in India back in September 2021, Ford Motor Company seems poised for a comeback.  While memories of Ford in India may vary among people, two SUVs undoubtedly stand out: the Endeavor and the EcoSport. Recent media reports hinted at a potential comeback for Ford in India following the cancellation of its deal to sell the Chennai-based manufacturing plant. Recent reports indicate that Ford is considering recruiting for numerous positions at its manufacturing plant in Chennai. Additionally, there have been reports of the American automaker filing a design patent for the fourth generation Endeavor, known internationally as the Everest. Now, regarding a design patent picture that has gone viral on the internet, media reports are saying that it is of a new compact SUV filed by Ford, which will compete with mid-size compact SUVs like Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Maruti Grand Vitara, Toyota Hayrider and Honda Elevate.

Ford Compact SUV Speculated Design

The patent images reveal a sleek and stylish design, with notable elements such as mesh-like inserts on the front grille and distinctive boomerang-shaped headlights adorned with sleek LED DRLs. The SUV’s profile boasts prominent creases, flared-up wheel arches filled with multi-spoke alloy wheels, and a boxy silhouette accentuated by a flat roofline and tall pillars. While drawing some visual cues from the Ford Explorer, the compact SUV maintains its unique identity and is noticeably smaller in size.

Market Potential and Future Prospects

With reports of Ford’s re-commencement of operations at its Chennai facility, the possibility of locally assembling the mid-size SUV gains momentum. This localization strategy could enhance Ford’s market presence in India, tapping into the burgeoning demand for compact SUVs. While the filing of patents doesn’t guarantee a market launch, it underscores Ford’s strategic direction in India, signaling a promising future for the brand in the country.

Please note that all this information provided is based on speculations and rumours, Ford has not announced anything officially. If true, Ford’s resurgence in India can be a strategic shift to capture a larger market share.

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