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Sunglasses are no longer just accessories that help you protect your eyes from harsh light. Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, there are now sunglasses that act as personal Bluetooth devices that could easily replace wireless earbuds and neckbands.

Compared to conventional wireless earphones, a sunglass-based Bluetooth device also looks more discreet, and it is also easy to travel with. Starting from big brands like Bose, a known entity in the audio peripherals, to affordable options, there is a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses. These are also known as smart glasses and are available across various price ranges.

Here are the four unique Bluetooth-enabled audio sunglasses:

Bose Frames Bose Frames are available in five designs (Image credit: Bose)

Bose Frames

Bose Frames are easily the best and most high-end Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses available in India. They come in five interesting styles – Tenor, Soprano, Tempo, Alto, and Rondo. The Bose Frames start at around Rs 19,000. The main difference between these models is the design, and all five variants offer features like premium build, and they are powered by an exclusive Bose OpenAudio technology.

You can take calls, listen to music, and resume listening to your audiobook using these smart sunglasses. Similarly, these also come with hot-swap lenses, which makes it easy to replace the standard lens with a coloured one or powered lens. Using the Bose Music app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, users can control the various aspects of the Bose Frames Bluetooth sunglasses.

Razer Anzu Razer Anzu comes with a dedicated gaming mode (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/The Indian Express)

Razer Anzu

If you are looking for smart Bluetooth sunglasses for gaming, then you can consider the Razer Anzu. Unlike the Bose Frames, this pair of sunglasses can also be used as a computer/reading glass, thanks to its blue light filtering capability. It is now available for Rs 3,099. Not just that, there is also a dedicated gaming mode, which significantly reduces audio latency to enhance the gaming experience.

Festive offer

Despite being a budget offer, Razer includes an additional pair of glasses with the product and it also comes in premium packaging. Again, it can be used with any modern computer with Bluetooth connectivity, and it is also compatible with Android and iOS, users can configure these eyeglasses via the Razer audio app.

Fastrack These audio sunglasses have blue lenses (Image credit: Fastrack)

Fastrack Blue smart audio sunglasses

Priced at Rs 3,000, the Fastrack Blue smart audio sunglasses feature a blue lens. These come in a unisex design and can be used by both women and men. With a square-shaped frame, paired with polarised glasses, these smart audio glasses are perfect for normal day-to-day usage. Unlike most Bluetooth audio glasses, which feature a bulky temple, the Fastrack Blue smart audio glasses mostly look like regular sunglasses, where wireless audio is an added advantage.

You can listen to Google Maps navigation, answer voice calls, summon a virtual assistant, and do a lot more with these sunglasses. On a single charge, these glasses can offer up to three hours of playback time, and they are compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones.

Cratix Cheapest audio sunglass (Image credit: Amazon)

Cratix Bluetooth smart sunglasses

If you are on a tight budget and still want sunglasses with Bluetooth audio support, then consider the Cratix Bluetooth smart sunglasses, which retail for just Rs 699, which is cheaper than entry-level regular sunglasses. However, when compared to other options, it does look a bit unique and definitely looks like something from the future.

Coming to the features, it offers polarised sunglasses with adjustable ear tips, and also has a microphone. However, unlike some of the other options listed above, there is no app support, and it does not have any notable special functions.


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