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New Delhi: Ramesh Babu, known as the “Billionaire Barber,” emerged from a challenging childhood in Bengaluru. Losing his father at a tender age, he faced financial hardships, with his mother working as a servant to make ends meet. The family survived on a meager income of Rs 40-50 per month, and Ramesh, along with his siblings, grew up with just one meal a day.

Early Jobs

At the age of 13, Ramesh took up various odd jobs, including part-time newspaper delivery and supplying milk bottles. Despite the difficulties, he managed to complete his tenth-standard education while supporting his family. (Also Read: In Pics: From Aziz Premji To Sajjan Jindal, Where Are Next Gen Of These Biz Tycoons Are Studying, Or Have Studied From; Check Here)

In 1989, faced with the responsibility of his father’s barber shop, Ramesh decided to run the salon named “Inner Space.” (Also Read: Meta Introduces ‘Nighttime Nudge’ Feature To Reduce Screen Time)

Balancing Work And Studies

Juggling early morning salon duties, attending college, and managing the shop until midnight, Ramesh extended his working hours to almost 16 hours a day. Despite the challenges, he pursued a diploma in electronics, encouraged by his mother.

Car Rental Business

A turning point came when a family acquaintance, working at Intel Corporation, suggested he rent out his Maruti van instead of letting it sit idle. This advice marked Ramesh’s entry into the car rental business.

Starting with Intel Corporation as his first client, he gradually expanded his business, leasing out various vehicles.

Building A Car Empire

Today, Ramesh Babu owns a thriving car rental business with a remarkable fleet of over 400 vehicles, including mini-buses, vans, and luxury cars. His clientele ranges from military officers and politicians to Bollywood stars.

His commitment to hard work and determination has transformed his life from a small barber shop owner to a successful entrepreneur in the car rental industry.

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