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New Delhi: If you’ve ever stepped into one of the trendiest café chains in your country, Chai Sutta Bar, chances are you’ve experienced a slice of Anubhav Dubey’s remarkable journey. Before 2016, the notion of tea-selling evolving into a multimillion-dollar enterprise seemed improbable.

Contrary to the conventional belief that success hinges on securing a spot in prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMs, or cracking the UPSC exam, Anubhav Dubey’s narrative shatters this myth. His story epitomizes resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial ingenuity. Despite setbacks in competitive exams, Anubhav, along with co-founder Anand Nayak, forged ahead to establish Chai Sutta Bar, now a thriving café chain exceeding Rs 100 crore in revenue.

Born in 1996 in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa district, Anubhav’s entrepreneurial journey took an unconventional route. Despite familial expectations of pursuing a career in civil services, Anubhav discovered his calling lay in entrepreneurship after facing exam failures.

Undeterred, in 2016, Anubhav teamed up with fellow graduate Anand Nayak to embark on a novel venture. With limited resources, the duo pooled together Rs 3 lakhs to kickstart their tea business. The inaugural Chai Sutta Bar outlet, strategically placed opposite a girls’ hostel in Indore, introduced tea enthusiasts to a unique experience.

Chai Sutta Bar’s success stems from its innovative concept of serving ‘Taste The Kulhad Chai’ in a smoke-free, bar-like ambiance, prioritizing health and wellness. By blending traditional Indian culture with contemporary flair, Chai Sutta Bar emerged as a sought-after destination for tea aficionados nationwide.

During the fledgling days, financial constraints posed challenges for Anubhav and Anand, who relied on borrowed items and second-hand furniture to furnish their inaugural outlet. Nevertheless, their grassroots branding approach, marked by handcrafted signage and a relatable theme, struck a chord with the youth.

Despite facing stiff competition and resource limitations, Anubhav and Anand persevered. Their introduction of ‘Chai’ in Kulhads, coupled with a diverse flavor range, resonated with the local community, particularly students.

Through grassroots marketing and a focus on health-conscious branding, Chai Sutta Bar swiftly gained traction. The brand’s expansion from a single outlet to 165 locations across multiple countries underscores its meteoric rise.

Moreover, Chai Sutta Bar’s commitment to sustainability, evident in its use of traditional kulhads and support for local pottery communities, underscores its dedication to environmental stewardship.

Anubhav Dubey’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and those grappling with setbacks. His narrative underscores the transformative power of perseverance and the ability to identify opportunities amid adversity.

As Chai Sutta Bar continues to carve its niche in the café landscape, Anubhav Dubey’s saga will endure as a testament to the triumph of determination and vision. His story encourages individuals to chart their own course to success, irrespective of the challenges encountered en route.

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