Ghanaian singer aims to break Guinness world record


Initially it was deemed a publicity stunt, but Ghanaian voice Afua Asantewaa Aduonum means business: She has set her eyes on breaking a record held by an Indian singer since March 2012.

The sing-a-thon has attracted nationwide attention during the Christmas period (Isaac Kaledzi/DW )
The sing-a-thon has attracted nationwide attention during the Christmas period (Isaac Kaledzi/DW )

As a former beauty queen and event organizer in Ghana, Afua Asantewaa Aduonum knows how to grab attention. But her latest stunt has gripped an entire nation.

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Aduonum is seeking to break a world record for the longest individual singing marathon.

“So it started as a joke […] when she wrote to the Guinness book of records about the challenge,” Afra Harrison Ofosu, Aduonum’s brother, told DW.

But this has become so much more than a joke for Aduonum, her family and team. Since Christmas Eve, crowds have been gathering at a public park called the ‘Akwaaba village’ in the capital, Accra, to witness her attempt at breaking the world record.

That record is currently held by a singer in India, Sunil Waghmare, who sang for 105 hours in March 2012.

From doubt to optimism

The team at Guinness World Records told Aduonum that she could go ahead with her plan on December 4, but getting ready was a challenge. “We didn’t have much time to prepare for anything,” said her brother.

Aduonum started singing on December 24 at midnight. Her initial plan was to continue singing until December 27, but she has now extended the stunt until Friday.

She has already sung past the 105-hour mark. But Aduonum hopes to sing well beyond those 105 hours and clock up enough time to make up for the numerous breaks and pauses during the singing session.

As per the rules of the singing marathon, Aduonum can take a break for 20 minutes after four hours, and a song cannot be repeated within a four-hour window.

Singing must also be continuous, and there can only be brief pauses of not more than 30 seconds between the songs. Each piece of music she performs must last for at least 2 minutes.

Support from family — and beyond

Aduonum’s father, Thomas Ofori Ofosu, told DW that the family initially had doubts.

“When she told me, I did not understand her. But, when she explained it further, I said OK,” he said. Ofosu added that one of Aduonum’s main motivations is to promote the Ghanaian music industry — even though she is not a professional singer nor a musician.

Aduonum’s sing-a-thon has attracted a lot of attention, including from Ghana’s vice president, Mahamadu Bawumia — one of many leading personalities to visit her singing booth and offer encouragement.

“I thought that, as Ghanaians, we should give her all the support and moral encouragement as we can,” Bawumia told reporters. “I came here to let her know that Ghana is behind her, and that she should go ahead and break the record.”

The outpouring of love and support has shocked Aduonum’s team and family, who have told DW that these gestures are what got her sister to keep singing throughout Christmas.

“I feel very proud of my daughter,” said her father, Ofori, .

“The support is awesome,” her brother added. “Ghanaians have done marvelously well, and I can’t thank them enough. We always say we should support our own, and this is a true definition of a Ghanaian supporting his or her own.”

Promoting Ghanaian music

Aduonum has not only been singing nonstop for days, but she’s been doing it entirely with Ghanaian songs, covering popular genres such as gospel, highlife and hiplife. She intends to maintain that patriotic playlist until the end in her quest to promote Ghanaian music.

“She is trying to do this awesome thing by bringing all musicians [in Ghana] together by becoming one,” said her brother.

Aduonum’s record-breaking attempt has been trending all over social media this festive season, and is set to become the greatest Christmas present for Ghanaians old and young.

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