Holani Group Receives SEBI Approval For Rs 400 Crores SME-Focused Fund | Companies News


Holani Venture Capital Fund, a fund promoted by Jaipur-based The Holani Group, has received approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for registration of its Alternate Investment Fund, enabling it to operate as an Equity Fund house. This paves the way for the Holani Group’s foray into the realm of fund management and investment. The venture capital fund (VCF) — Holani Venture Capital Fund Category I AIF (Alternate Investment Fund) – is an Indian growth capital private equity fund that is managed and sponsored by Holani Capital Advisors LLP. 

The fund has now been duly registered under SEBI as Category I AIF – Venture Capital Fund. With SEBI’s green light, the Holani Venture Capital Fund is now empowered to raise and invest Rs 300 crore rupees in the Indian equity markets. The fund also has a greenshoe option to retain an additional Rs 100 crore.

The Alternative Investment Fund is a special investment category that, unlike the conventional investment instruments, is a privately pooled fund. Holani Consultants Private Limited offers services related to the stock markets and financial consultancy. Reacting to the SEBI approval, Ashok Holani, Director of Holani Consultants, said, “The Holani Ventures Capital Fund is aimed at empowering SMEs and fueling their growth.” 

The Holani Venture Capital Fund would seek to identify the intrinsic value of investable companies across sectors, including digital technology, hardware, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, mobility, financial technology, business enablement consumer technology and other emerging technologies. The Fund will have a sector-agnostic strategy.

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