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New Delhi: Most restaurants and hotels offer packed water to customers. This practice has increased in recent days. If you make visits to the same these days, you may have a chance encounter with the same and to pay extra money for it. That is why, it is talk of the town nowadays.

What Is Recent Ruling?

But, a recent ruling by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission-III in Hyderabad, a popular restaurant in Jubilee Hills has been directed to compensate a customer with Rs 5,000 for its failure to provide complimentary drinking water and for levying unjust service charges. (Also Read: Zomato Bag, Swiggy Shirt, Zypp Helmet: Can You Guess From Which Company The Delivery Man Is?)

What Is The Case?

The complaint was lodged by a resident of Secunderabad, who recounted a distressing experience at the ITLU restaurant in CBI colony. (Also Read: ‘You Give More Money To Govt Than Spend On Yourself’: Social Media Post On Income Tax Concerns Goes Viral)

Despite requesting complimentary regular water due to an allergy to plastic materials, the staff refused, leaving the individual with no choice but to purchase the restaurant’s own labeled 500-ml water bottle for an exorbitant Rs 50.

Service Charges

Moreover, the restaurant levied service charges amounting to Rs 31.50 on a bill totaling Rs 630 for two dishes and a water bottle. The establishment also applied a 5 percent CGST and SGST on both the water bottle and the service charge, inflating the bill to Rs 695.

What Is In Verdict?

In its verdict, the Commission ordered the restaurant to refund the service charge along with the GST, totaling Rs 33. Additionally, the establishment was directed to compensate the aggrieved customer with Rs 5,000 and cover litigation costs amounting to Rs 1,000 within 45 days from March 22.

What Is Government Mandate About The Same?

The Telangana government’s MA&UD department mandated in 2023 that all hotels, restaurants, and eateries under the GHMC’s jurisdiction provide purified water for free and bottled water at the MRP. This aims to ensure access to safe and affordable drinking water for all patrons, irrespective of their economic status.

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