Island Tourism Festival 2023: Mainland and Andaman artists unveil talents


The Island Tourist Festival (ITF) Ground at VIP Road is abuzz with excitement as the Island Tourism Festival -2023, a five-day extravaganza organized by Andaman and Nicobar Administration, commenced from December 27. The festival is providing a platform to artists from mainland India and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Lt. Governor, Admiral DK Joshi (Retd.), inaugurated the festival, accompanied by distinguished guests including Member of Parliament Kuldeep Rai Sharma and Chief Secretary Nikhil Kumar.

Island Tourism Festival 2023: Mainland and Andaman artists unveil talents(ANI photo)
Island Tourism Festival 2023: Mainland and Andaman artists unveil talents(ANI photo)

The ‘Ganesh Vandana’ performance by differently-abled artists from ‘We Are One’ elated the audience on Thursday, followed by a poignant choreography presentation paying tribute to the lives lost in the Tsunami of 2004 by Delhi’s renowned choreographer, Shohini Dutta. The evening crescendoed with a soul-stirring live band performance by Nicobarese Artistes, ‘Kuan Panam.

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The first day of the festival, on December 27, featured Rajasthani Folk Music, ‘We Are One,’ Shohini Dutta’s choreography, and the electrifying live band, ‘Kuan Panam.’ The cultural richness continued with performances by the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre showcasing Bihu Folk Dance, Rouf Folk Dance, and various Folk Dances from Haryana. The excitement is palpable among both Islanders and tourists as the venue underwent meticulous preparations for an unforgettable experience. Spread across various locations, the festival showcases diverse talents and cultural heritage, providing a platform for artists from mainland India and the Islands.

Islanders and tourists alike can expect a multitude of activities, including cultural programs, fun games for children, and enticing food courts. The festival, held from 4 pm to 10 pm, ensures accessibility with additional ferry and bus services for those from remote areas.

The End of Scene band from Delhi captivated audiences on Swaraj Dweep on December 27 and Shaheed Dweep on December 28. A unique fusion of creativity, the band draws inspiration from Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, and John Mayer. As the Island Tourism Festival unfolds, it promises to be a celebration of culture, art, and unity, creating lasting memories for all participants.

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