J-Hope talks about military discharge, says he ‘prepared contents’ for BTS fans


BTS member J-Hope penned a long emotional note for fans as the year came to an end. Taking to Weverse, J-Hope revealed that before leaving for the military service, he ‘prepared a few little contents’ for the BTS ARMY. He also said that he missed his fans. J-Hope also shared how the year 2023 was special and different for him. (Also Read | BTS’ V and UMI’s Wherever u r sweep the global iTunes chart)

BTS member J-Hope spoke about his military service.
BTS member J-Hope spoke about his military service.

J-Hope made content for BTS ARMY

J-Hope wrote, “ARMY!! You’re doing well, right?? There’s not much left of 2023 either. Still, since it was a year that was special and I was grateful for in various ways, I came to give you guys a greeting in a simple way. It seems like this year I moved and did various activities by keeping enlistment in clear focus. I even went to award show(s) alone as I wanted to show you the parts I couldn’t show since then, even participated in big shows in Paris, even did a song collaboration with a person I respect a lot as present for you guys before I enlist to repay you all, even prepared a few little contents for you guys so you can feel my warmth while I’m doing my service.”

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J-Hope talks about discharge from military

He also added, “I did activities busily and fiercely like this and then enlisted. Like that, it has already been 9 months while running as a soldier. Already!!? I’m preparing to see the sun of the (day of my) discharge. (Of course… it ends in October though…) What I end up feeling though, is nothing but except the thought that I want to show you my cool side again, and as much as that, I miss you all so much!”

J-Hope misses BTS members

J-Hope said that he misses RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook. He wrote, “While also missing our members too, also worrying (for them), while also feeling a sense of relatability on the other hand… it also gives me strength…! I can say since I experienced it first but..! I believe they would feel the same for sure!!… hehe. Before going to sleep, I’m thinking a lot and encountering various dreams. Things that felt very natural and trivial become the ideal, and for a bit they dissipate fatigue and let loose of a stiff breath. The place I sleep would be the same as the sun goes down would be the same right? The day I end my military duty sincerely, makes the beginning of Year 24 even stronger!!!”

J-Hope wishes Taehyung

The rapper concluded, “Anyway, Year 23 too I definitely endured and moved due to you guys. (It’s a little sudden but I still want to express it…) Receive a lot of blessings for Year 24 (Happy New Year)!!!!!… And our reality and ideal, our ARMY, our members. Let’s not be sick or hurt and be happy!!!! I love you!!! It’s late but our Taehyungie, Happy Birthday.”

While Jin, the oldest member of the group, enlisted last year in December, J-Hope joined in April this year. Suga, the third member, started his service in September. The rest of the members–RM, Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jungkook, started their military service this month.

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