Jammu-Kashmir Travel Advisory: Only 4×4 SUVs With Snow Chains Allowed On Gulmarg, Sonamarg Routes | Auto News


Important Notice for Travelers to Gulmarg and Sonamarg:

The local authorities in Gulmarg have issued an important winter travel advisory, ensuring safe and convenient trips not only to Gulmarg but also considering the broader region including Sonamarg. This is crucial for everyone traveling to these popular ski destinations during the winter.

Rules for Safe and Smooth Travel

Special Vehicles Only for Gulmarg and Sonamarg Routes

To avoid accidents and long traffic jams on snowy roads leading to these destinations, the advisory outlines several important rules:

4×4 Vehicles Required: Only cars with 4-wheel drive or those fitted with special anti-slip chains are allowed to travel between Tangmarg and Gulmarg, as well as on routes leading to Sonamarg. This is to prevent slip-related accidents.

Limited Vehicle Size: To ensure the roads to Gulmarg and Sonamarg remain clear, only small cars with a seating capacity of 10 people are allowed. This helps in preventing vehicle breakdowns and traffic congestion.

Anti-skid Chains for Gulmarg and Sonamarg Visitors

Designated Parking: All tour operators and private car owners must use designated parking spaces in Tangmarg and other spots near Sonamarg. Roadside parking is strictly prohibited to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Authorized Chain Installation: To ensure no delays are caused by vehicles getting equipped for snow, only approved vendors can install anti-slip chains. This service is priced at ₹600 per pair of chains, ensuring safety on the slippery roads to Gulmarg and Sonamarg.

No Roadside Selling to Ensure Smooth Visits to Gulmarg and Sonamarg

To further enhance the travel experience to Gulmarg and Sonamarg, the advisory notes that coat and boot vendors must avoid selling their goods on the roads. This is to prevent blockages and ensure tourists can enjoy their visit without inconvenience or delays due to traffic congestion.

These guidelines are designed to ensure a safe, smooth, and enjoyable journey to the winter wonderlands of Gulmarg and Sonamarg. By adhering to these measures, travelers can look forward to a memorable visit to these premier ski destinations.


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