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With the new year rolling in, the Indian cricket fraternity has been summing up an eventful 2023 for the Indian men’s and women’s cricket teams. It was a World Cup year for the men and the tournament was hosted by India as well. The women’s team meanwhile, bowled out of the women’s T20 World Cup in the semi-finals earlier this year but ended it on a high with a couple of historic Test match wins over Australia and England.

Gavaskar said that there were quite a few exciting times in 2023. (PTI)
Gavaskar said that there were quite a few exciting times in 2023. (PTI)

The men’s team also won the Asia Cup and both sides won gold at the 2023 Asian Games. Former India captain and batting great Sunil Gavaskar said that it has been an exciting year for both teams. “I think it’s been a fantastic year for both the men’s and the women’s team, particularly the way the women’s team has performed,” said Gavaskar on Star Sports.

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“Those two Test wins towards the year-end, one against England and one against Australia, both teams against whom the Indian women’s team have had tough times earlier on.”

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The men’s team had a bittersweet year. While they had a lot of success in bilateral competitions along with the Asia Cup and the Asian Games, they lost in the 2023 World Test Championship Final and the 2023 World Cup, both to Australia. The latter of the two was particularly regarded as a shock as India had been the most dominant team throughout the tournament by some distance, trouncing all the sides they faced before the final and reaching the title clash on the back of 10 straight wins.

“That’s been the most exciting aspect of cricket apart from, of course, what we saw in the World Cup. The 10 straight wins, and, then, just that one bad day, which sadly happened to be the finals of the World Cup. So really some exciting times in 2023,” said Gavaskar.

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