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New Delhi: If you’re considering launching a business, you should think about whether your concept addresses a gap in the market for products and services that improve people’s lives and workplace practices. Another factor that you may consider is to start a business that requires low investment and promises substantial earnings?

Look no further! The paper cup-making business idea is here, offering a lucrative opportunity with minimal upfront costs. Read on to find out the minute details of the paper-cup business idea. (Also Read: Interim Budget 2024: Key Budget Terms And Terminology You Should Know)

Rising Demand For Paper Cups

With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, the demand for disposable paper cups has seen a significant surge. People are shifting from plastic to paper, creating a market that consistently demands eco-friendly alternatives. (Also Read: 10 Ways To Save Taxes For Salaried Persons)

Government Support And Environmental Initiatives

The Indian government is actively promoting businesses that contribute to reducing pollution. As part of its efforts, it is considering a ban on single-use plastics.

This creates a favorable environment for paper cup-making businesses. Entrepreneurs can benefit from government initiatives like the MUDRA loan, which provides financial assistance and subsidies for setting up such ventures.

Low Investment, High Returns

To start a paper cup-making business, a modest investment is required. A range of machines is available, catering to different sizes and types of cups.

Small-scale machines, producing cups of a specific size, can be obtained for as low as 1 to 2 lakhs INR. Larger machines, capable of producing various cup sizes, may cost around 10.70 lakhs INR, covering machinery, equipment, furniture, die, electrification, installation, and pre-operative expenses.

Government Subsidies

Under the MUDRA loan scheme, entrepreneurs can get up to 75 percent of the project cost as a loan from the government. The remaining 25 percent needs to be invested by the entrepreneur. This substantial financial support makes the paper cup-making business an attractive and accessible option for aspiring business owners.

Starting Your Paper-Cup Making Business

Invest In The Right Machinery

Choose machinery based on your production capacity and budget. Small machines are suitable for beginners, while larger machines are ideal for scaling up.

Raw Materials

Procure raw materials such as paper reels and bottom reels. Paper reels are available at approximately 10 INR per kilogram, while bottom reels are priced at around 80 INR per kilogram.

Production and Marketing

With the right machinery and materials in place, you can start production. Market your paper cups to local businesses, events, and retailers. Sell them at a competitive price, considering the prevailing market rates.

Earning Potential

Working for 300 days a year, you can produce around 2.20 crore units of paper cups. Selling each unit at an average rate of 30 paise, you stand to make a substantial profit. The booming demand for paper cups ensures a continuous market, making this venture a financially rewarding one.

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