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In a harrowing incident in Bijnor, an e-rickshaw battery exploded near a banquet hall in the village of Khari, within the Haldaur police station’s jurisdiction. The explosion led to a fierce fire, severely injuring five individuals, including the e-rickshaw driver.

Immediate Response and Treatment Authorities were quick to respond to the emergency. Police dispatched to the scene promptly evacuated the injured to the hospital for urgent medical care. The ongoing treatment of all passengers highlights the severity of the burns sustained in the accident.

Victims of the Explosion

The explosion’s impact was devastating. The e-rickshaw driver, Shameem Ahmad from Mohalla Islamabad in Jhalu, and passengers Raees Ahmad, Ujjwal, Manju, Sanjay Bansal, and Navratna, all hailing from Meerut, suffered severe injuries. These individuals were en route to Bijnor from a wedding ceremony in Jhalu when the tragedy struck.

Seeking Higher Medical Care

Due to concerns over the adequacy of treatment at the district hospital, relatives of some injured victims opted to transfer them to a higher medical facility in Moradabad. This move underscores the critical nature of their injuries and the need for specialized care.

Official Statement

Sangram Singh, CO City, provided an official byte on the incident, emphasizing the swift action taken by local authorities to assist the victims.

This tragic event has raised concerns over the safety of e-rickshaw batteries and the importance of emergency preparedness in the face of such unforeseen accidents.

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