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New Delhi: Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of the popular beauty brand Mamaearth, recently shared her experience of encountering sexism as a woman entrepreneur. In a candid post on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, she recounted an incident from last year that left her feeling disregarded.

What Was The Incident?

During a series of meetings with potential investors ahead of Mamaearth’s IPO, Alagh and her husband, Varun Alagh, faced a disheartening encounter. (Also Read: Viral Video: Did You Know Elon Musk Used To Sleep In Tesla Factory Floor Under His Desk? WATCH)

One investor posed a question to Varun, asking if he would have hired Ghazal if she hadn’t been his wife. The insensitive query was made in Ghazal’s presence, adding to the discomfort of the situation. (Also Read: Dating App Bumble To Layoff 30% Of Workforce)

Alagh Expression

Reflecting on the incident, Alagh expressed that it took her two days to recover from the feeling of being sidelined. Despite the setback, she found support from her husband and Mamaearth’s CFO, Ramanpreet Sohi, who helped her view the situation differently.

They reassured her that such instances reveal the individuals not suited for the journey of building their company.

Words Of Wisdom

In her post, Alagh shared a valuable lesson she learned from the experience. She emphasized that no matter where one is in their entrepreneurial journey, there will always be skeptics.

However, she advised other women to ignore the noise created by those who doubt their capabilities.

Users Reaction

Alagh’s post quickly gained traction online, garnering over 37,000 views on X and prompting numerous comments from internet users. Many resonated with her message and expressed solidarity with her struggle against sexism in the business world.

Take a look at the reactions:

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