Man With Confirmed AC-Class Train Ticket Slams Indian Railways For A Refund: Here’s Why | Railways News


Railway stations saw heavy footfall during the Diwali days, as travellers were in abundance, as all of them were exercising to go back home to celebrate the festival. The scenes at the platform were chaotic. The rush meant that not everyone would get the chance to board the train. A similar incident came to light via the social media platform X, where a traveller Anshul Sharma shared his experience. Well, Sharma has a confirmed ticket for an AC coach, but the crowd jammed the gates and didn’t let him board the train. Therefore, Sharma took it to X, asking for a full refund of this ticket.

Anshul Sharma posted on X, “Indian Railways Worst management. Thanks for ruining my Diwali. This is what you get even when you have a confirmed 3rd AC ticket. No help from the Police. Many people like me were not able to board. @AshwiniVaishnaw I want a total refund of ₹1173.95.”

The man claims that he asked policemen for help, but they laughed at the situation and refused to help. Also, he saw a slew of other travellers facing the very issue.

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In another incident, a 63-year-old man from Agra had filed a case against Railways, for a sum of Rs 440. The man had bought a ticket for 2nd tier AC from Banda to Agra via taktal quota in Sampark Kranti Express. However, upon the train’s arrival, he found that the train was missing the bogies of the 2nd AC. Therefore, he had to board the 3rd AC coach, and then, he paid Rs 440 to the TC to acquire another seat.

Upon filing multiple requests online, the man then took the incident to Agra District Consumer Forum. Now, he has finally won the case, and the court has directed railways to pay back the amount, along with a 7 per cent annual interest. Furthermore, a compensation of Rs 8,000 is to be paid for the mental and financial distress the man had to go through during the exercise. If the railways delay the payment by 45 days, the interest would then increase to 9 per cent per annum.


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