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The trailer of the Manoj Bajpayee-led survival thriller Joram was released on Friday. Helmed by Devashish Makhija, the film has Bajpayee playing a displaced man who is on the run with his three-month-old daughter.

In the one-and-a-half-minute-long trailer, Bajpayee as Dasru is seen carrying his daughter while he seemingly visits his village which has changed from the last time he was there. The next we see him, he is running away from the police, risking his and his daughter’s life. Zeeshan Ayyub plays the role of police officer Ratnakar, who is determined to get hold of Bajpayee and is ready to go to any length for it.

The official logline of the film reads, “Running from danger, Dasru holds his baby close, facing the ultimate question: survive or confront the approaching end?” The film, set in Jharkhand, deals with issues such as social inequalities, injustice meted out to tribal communities and deforestation.

Writer-director Devashish Makhija said that his hard-hitting drama “plumbs the depths of human resilience and the pursuit of life against all odds.” Bajpayee added, “I am thrilled to be a part of ‘Joram’. The film has really pushed boundaries in all aspects.”

Elaborating on his character, Zeeshan shared in his statement, “I’m playing Ratnakar, a cop from the city in the movie. He’s not well-off and is at the bottom of the social ladder, even among his colleagues. As someone who grew up in the city, working on this film took me to jungles and iron ore mines for the first time. It made me realize how much I can relate to Ratnakar and it makes you appreciate what life has given you. So I have learnt a lot from this film and I really hope everyone learns something from it too.”

Festive offer

Joram has travelled to various film festivals including the 52nd International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and Sydney Film Festival next week. It was also a part of the NFDC’s Film Bazaar.

Produced by by Zee Studios in collaboration with Makhijafilm, Joram also stars Smita Tambe, and Megha Mathur in pivotal roles, as well as Tannishtha Chatterjee and Rajshri Deshpande in special appearances. It will hit the theatres on December 8.

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