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New Delhi: From Mukesh Ambani to Pankaj Oswal, a multitude of Indian tycoons have poured significant investments into real estate, acquiring prime properties across the globe. However, one Indian billionaire stands out by not only purchasing a rundown building in London but also spearheading its transformation into an ultra-luxurious hotel.

As per online reports, this affluent Indian entrepreneur stumbled upon the dilapidated structure opposite Downing Street during a morning stroll in London and promptly decided to make it his own. Curious to uncover the identity of this individual? It’s neither Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani, nor Ratan Tata. Keep reading to discover the revelation.

This Indian billionaire is none other than Sanjay Hinduja. In 2015, he acquired the Old War Office from the British Government and orchestrated its conversion into an ultra-luxury hotel. According to Moneycontrol, the Hinduja family poured a staggering Rs 13,000 crore (1.3 billion pounds) into the project, with an initial payment of Rs 3,973 crore and an additional Rs 9,000 crore over the subsequent eight years, creating a premium, state-of-the-art hotel equipped with modern amenities.

Sanjay Hinduja emphasized, “We spared no expense in restoring it to its former glory and paying homage to its heritage, while infusing it with new life. Alongside Raffles London at The OWO, we aspire to establish a legacy that is both timeless and unparalleled,” as reported in The Hindu Business Line.

Sanjay Hinduja, a scion of the Hinduja family, ranks among the wealthiest families in London, with business interests spanning Ashok Leyland, Gulf Oil Limited, and IndusInd Bank. According to Forbes and publicly available data, the family’s net worth amounts to $20 billion (approximately Rs 1,66,027 crore). Teaming up with Raffles Hotels & Resorts, the Hindujas transformed the iconic building that once served as Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s office during World War II into an ultra-luxury hotel.

The Old War Office, originally constructed in 1906, was inaugurated as a world-class hotel in 2023. Co-chairman GP Hinduja, in an official statement released by the Hinduja Group, commented, “It took us eight years, and during this time, we had a lot to accomplish. Finally, this iconic building has been transformed into a symbol of peace and tranquility, rather than conflict. It represents the legacy not only of the Hinduja Group but also of London as a premier destination.”

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