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Depression is a mental condition where a person is extremely affected by the elevation or lowering of their mood. Depression can be of various types, each depending on a lot of causes. Be it Clinical Depression or Postpartum Depression, it can affect the health and mental peace of a person immensely. “Dealing with depression on top of C-PTSD can feel like navigating through a relentless storm. It’s a challenging journey, but with the right strategies, you can find your way to calmer waters,” wrote Therapist Linda Meredith. “Remember, every step forward, no matter how small, is a step towards brighter days. You’ve got the strength to navigate this storm,” she further added.

Navigating the storm: Strategies for Depression recovery(Unsplash)
Navigating the storm: Strategies for Depression recovery(Unsplash)

The Therapist further shared a few strategies that can help in navigating Depression:

Create a routine: Having a routine can help us to feel that we are in control. It gives us a sense of purpose and stability. Knowing what we are up to next helps us to navigate things in a better and effective manner.

Practice mindfulness: Practicing meditation and other mindfulness techniques helps us to become more self-aware, patient and emotionally stronger.

Challenge negative thoughts: In Depression, people often get into the spiral of overthinking and getting affected by the negative thoughts. When we learn to challenge such thoughts, it can help us to see the positive aspect of things.

Limit exposure to triggers: We should learn to predict the triggers and find ways to limit our exposure to such triggers. As we learn to avoid the triggers, we can navigate Depression and the negative thoughts better.

Focus on the present: Instead of dwelling on past experiences, we should focus on the present and work on staying grounded. Recognising the triggers of the past can help us to avoid them in the present or in the future.

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