New Year 2024: Kid-friendly ways to celebrate


New Year 2024: The New Year is just around the corner, and we cannot wait already. It is that time of the year when the passing year ends and a new one begins. With only a handful of days left for this year to get over, we are already busy planning our New Years Eve celebrations. This is the time when people get together with their friends, family and loved ones. They spend the day together, counting down to midnight. As we make the jump to another year, we move on with a lot of memories, lessons and the hope of a better tomorrow.

New Year 2024: Kid-friendly ways to celebrate(Unsplash)
New Year 2024: Kid-friendly ways to celebrate(Unsplash)

Spending New Year with kids at home is one of the best ways to bask in the festivities, joy and holiday cheer. Here are a few kid-friendly ideas to celebrate the special day.

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Pop a balloon every hour: What better way to gather the balloons together, pump them up and pop one of them every hour till midnight. This idea can be tailored to any age and is a super fun idea to celebrate the special day with kids.

Treasure hunt: Every year teaches us a lot of lessons. It also gathers a lot of good memories for us. This New Year, prepare a treasure hunt for kids and let them puzzle their way to the ultimate gift of the new Year. Not only will they have a lot of fun doing it, but also, they will have new memories to cherish for the new year.

Have a dance party: Get all your friends to your home, invite the friends of your kids and have a dance party with all of your favourite songs. What is a better way than jumping onto the new year all the while dancing with your loved ones?

Dress up with a photo booth: Put up a DIY photo booth for all the selfies at midnight. Decide on a fun theme for the New Year party at home and dress up accordingly with your kids. Click pictures and make a New Year photo album.

Make New Year resolutions: Plan a time in the day and gather the kids around. Discuss the resolutions that they should have for the upcoming year and jot them down. For another month, you can track the progress on the resolutions.

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