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The bygone era that only evokes nostalgia and pleasant memories sometimes holds a bundle of stories in itself. One such story that will touch and tickle the cords of millions of Indian millennials today is the Chelpark brand, which was both into making pens and inks. School memories of the yore would be incomplete without Chelpark inks and pens that once shone like bright stars among stationery brands and items.

The pages of people’s lives were touched by Chelpark ink and pens during the heyday of fountain pens and the vogue for exquisitely made cursive. Back then, having a smear of ink on your hand was considered a badge of distinction, and being proficient with fountain pens to write in cursive was considered a virtue. In the good old days, fountain pens and ink bottles used to decorate our homes and classroom tables.

Chelpark was used by everyone, including children, adults, and upper-class people. However, the company, which had previously shone brightly as a leader in stationery supplies, was forced to face ruin with the introduction of the ball pens. And, today, Chelpark is only a happy memory for the millions of its cherished users. 

How Chelpark Came Into Being

The story of Chelpark’s beginning is very interesting. Chelpark was started in India as a subsidiary of Parker Pen Company of America. During those times, Parker Pen Company sold fountain pen ink in India in collaboration with TTK Group. Parker decided to sever ties with the TTK group around 1943. Parker persuaded the Chellaram family, who were running the business of Parker products in West Africa at the time, to join it in India. 


The Story Behind The Name, Chelpark

Following their mutual acceptance of agreements, Parker and the Chellaram family began operating the ink company jointly in India. Quink Parker ink was first made available for purchase. Then, it was proposed that to draw in Indian consumers, this fountain pen ink needs to be given a regional, Indian identity. The decision was made to rename the ink, and the outcome was the brand name “Chelpark,” a combination of the words “Chellaram” and “Parker.”


Partnership Breaks, Chelpark Business Diversifies

The long-standing alliance between the Parker and Chellaram families came to an end in 1969. Parker sold Chellaram his entire stake in the fountain pen ink company in India due to low revenues. Following that, Chelpark—which was previously solely recognized for its fountain pen ink—began expanding its line of products. The business started producing office stationery items, including fountain pens.

Chelpark Shines Bright

The quality of Chelpark’s ink and fountain pen nibs was the key to its success. Chelpark ink was non-corrosive and anti-clogging. Everyone used Chelpark, including schoolchildren and adults. Chelpark never invested a lot in print or television advertising. Rather, the company prioritized on-the-ground marketing through events like college activities, teacher demos, and essay contests.

Chelpark Is A Thing Of The Past Now

As time went on, ballpoint and gel pens entered the market, and fountain pens began to disappear from homes and marketplaces. Additionally, fountain pen ink vanished from sight due to a lack of demand. Thus, Chelpark pens and ink likewise vanished into the past. All we have left is a wistful memory of our fountain pen-writing days, which we treasure dearly.

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