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The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has made a crucial decision regarding the registration of three armoured diesel vehicles used in the security convoy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Special Protection Group (SPG) had sought an extension for these vehicles, but the NGT dismissed the request in line with a Supreme Court ruling from October 2018.

The NGT’s principal bench, comprising Justice Prakash Srivastava and expert member Dr A Senthil Vel, referred to the Supreme Court’s verdict banning the operation of diesel vehicles older than 10 years in Delhi-NCR. This ruling formed the basis for NGT’s decision regarding the extension of registration for the specialized vehicles used in the Prime Minister’s security detail.

NGT’s Decision

The NGT bench acknowledged the unique nature of these armoured vehicles, highlighting their limited use over the past decade and their critical role in ensuring the Prime Minister’s security. However, citing the Supreme Court’s directive, the NGT stated that it couldn’t permit the extension of registration beyond the mandated timeline.

The NGT’s order stated, “We are conscious of the fact that these three vehicles are special purpose vehicles which are not normally available and these vehicles have run very less in the last ten years and are needed for the specific purpose of security of the Prime Minister but in view of the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 29.10.2018… the prayer made… cannot be granted” and it “is accordingly rejected.” 

SPG’s Request

The SPG had approached the NGT seeking a five-year extension for the registration of these special armoured vehicles. The request emphasized the vehicles’ critical role in the Special Protection Group’s technical logistics and their importance in ensuring the Prime Minister’s safety.

Vehicle Details

The three armoured vehicles in question are Renault MD-5 models manufactured in 2013 and registered in December 2014. Despite their relatively recent registration, they have been driven sparingly, covering distances of only 6,000 km, 9,500 km, and 15,000 km over the past nine years. These vehicles are utilized for specific tactical purposes within the Prime Minister’s security convoy.

Registration Validity

Originally registered for 15 years, the validity of these vehicles’ registration was set to expire in December 2029. However, the NGT’s decision aligns with the Supreme Court’s ruling, which mandates the cancellation of diesel vehicles older than 10 years by December 2024.

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