Now, PhonePe Users Can View Their Credit Bureau Score Without Additional Cost | Personal Finance News


New Delhi: PhonePe, announced the launch of a new ‘Credit’ section on its platform that enables users to view credit score free of cost, manage their credit card bills, repay loans & more.

“The new section will allow users to view their credit bureau score without any additional cost, conveniently manage their credit/ Rupay cards and repay loans and credit card bills. The Credit bureau report also provides users with summarized credit insights such as their credit utilization, credit age, on-time payments, and more,” PhonePe said in a statement.

The company added, “In today’s day and age where financial management is extremely critical, PhonePe has launched “Credit tab” where customers can easily access their credit score, repay credit card/ loans – while also being apprised on ways to improve their credit score.”

PhonePe said that in the coming months, the company will expand its credit offerings by introducing consumer loans within the app.

“With the goal of providing accessible and responsible lending services, PhonePe is closely working with its lending partners to build a sustainable lending business,” it added.

Hemant Gala, CEO, PhonePe Credit said, “We believe that financial  empowerment starts with understanding and managing your credit health. This launch is a significant step towards providing our users with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions.’’



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