One Piece Chapter 1103: Raw scans, leaks, spoilers, plot summary and more


Chapter 1103 of the popular manga series One Piece is expected to release next year on Saturday, January 6. After the conclusion of Kuma’s backstory, fans can expect more thrilling events in the coming chapters. The current Egghead arc has left the readers captivated, emerging as one of the strongest arcs of the series yet. As Weekly Shonen Jump is on its year-end break, fans eagerly await to know what will transpire in the next chapter. However, ahead of the release, raw scans and spoilers have made their way to social media.

One Piece Manga(@pewpiece/ X, formerly Twitter)
One Piece Manga(@pewpiece/ X, formerly Twitter)

One Piece chapter 1103 raw scans leaked

The leaked raw scans reveal a shocking moment, where Kuma makes an unexpected appearance at Egghead Island to save Bonney from Saturn. Chapter 1103 picks up right from where the previous chapter ended. It begins with a flashback of Bonney apologising to Vegapunk, who then gives her a 10th birthday present from Kuma.

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The next scene returns to the present event, which sees Bonney using her Nika Mitaina Mirai attack against Saturn. However, Saturn ends up overpowering her. To save Bonney from his clutches, Kuma appears and shields her from Saturn’s lethal blow, absorbing it himself. The incredible fight scene is vividly depicted in the raw scans.

In another raw scan, Luffy starts eating something off the floor. However, when Saturn notices him, he orders Luffy to be restrained with Kairouseki. The chapter also reveals that Bonney acquired her Toshi Toshi no Mi powers from Saturn, who did experiments to give people extracted Devil Fruit powers via medicine.

The chapter explains where Bonney gets her genetic disease from. When Saturn experimented on Ginny, things took a wrong turn, and she suffered from Sapphire Scales as a side effect. The same disease was later passed down to Bonney.

Plot summary

The entire plot summary of One Piece Chapter 1103 has been released on X, formerly Twitter. According to the leaked summary, the name of the chapter is I’m Sorry Daddy. It also provides intricate details, such as Kuma’s gift to Bonney, which was a “sun necklace made of sapphire.” One major spoiler is Bonney apologising to Kuma for giving up his life in vain as she’s about die.

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