Patchy Construction Work At DDA’s Dwarka Sector 19B Apartments Leave Several Buyers In Shock: Reports | Real Estate News


New Delhi: The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) that had launched ‘Festival Special Housing Scheme 2023’ offering 1,130 flats under HIG, Super HIG, and penthouse category has issues with construction quality as per media reports.

People who had opted for luxury apartments under the DDA scheme are learnt to have written to higher authorities, citing patchy construction works at these DDA flats located in Dwarka’s Sector 19 (B), reported the Indian Express.

The Allottees of the DDA housing were shocked when they soon noticed construction issues after the bidding process. Patchy construction work like broken tiles, rusted pipes were all indicating towards poor quality construction material. Shaft walls were left unfinished, with pipes already installed, indicating hasty construction.

Allottees were previously also shocked to learn that the complex wasn’t registered under RERA. It was after RERA intervention, that the DDA property registration was completed. 

The Indian Express said, during a recent visit, it observed paint peeling and exposed wiring, highlighting the poor construction condition of these flats. In response, the DDA claimed they provided ample access to prospective buyers and stand by their reputation for quality housing.

EWS flats start from Rs 11.5 lakh, LIG flats from Rs 23 lakh, MIG flats from Rs 1 crore, HIG flats from Rs 1.4 crore, super HIG flats from Rs 2.5 crore and penthouses from Rs 5 crore onwards. The DDA offers 14 penthouses –two in each of the seven towers of the housing scheme.

DDA had promoted these apartments as a luxury society at Dwarka Sector 19B, which is located in the close vicinity (around 13km) of the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport.

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