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Playboi Carti‘s New Year resolutions seem to include being more productive in 2024. The 27-year-old rapper released his new track, BACKR00MS, featuring Travis Scott, on Monday night. The two hip-hop artists took to their social media handles on January 1 to announce their latest track. Their post included a short video of British rapper Blackhaine saying, “New music, Carti, Travis Scott, dropping [expletive] today.”

Playboi Carti and Travis Scott
Playboi Carti and Travis Scott

BACKR00MS is a single from Carti’s upcoming third studio album, which is expected to be released this year. Scott and Carti have previously collaborated on the former rapper’s track titled Fe!n, from the album Utopia. Last year in December, the Atlanta-based rapper teased his upcoming album by releasing several new tracks.

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On December 8, Carti unveiled a surprise track, Different Day and just a week later, he dropped another song, 2024, which was produced by Kanye West. Prior to the release of BACKR00MS, Carti unveiled H00dByAir.

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Fans excited over Carti’s latest track

Shortly after Carti dropped his latest track, fans flooded social media to express their excitement. One fan commented on Carti’s official YouTube channel, “54 years old. Retired vet. Trucker. Listening to Carti gets me through those cold nights on the highway where it’s just me and a good ol’ bottle of whisky. God bless you all.”

Another fan said, “Carti And Travis is an unmatched duo.” One more fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “was prob his best verse yet lol relisten.” Yet another said, “I can still remember when this dropped 5 minutes ago, probably the best moment of my life.”

Meanwhile, another quipped, “My 90 year old grandmother was on her death bed, and on her last breath she asked me to lean in and she whispered in my ear “BACKROOMS by carti”& as soon as I played it she inhaled a deep breath, took off her breathing tubes and poured a 2 of tris & was back and better than ever!”

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