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Priyanka Chopra’s mom Madhu Chopra says the actor loves joint family. In the book Raising Stars, authored by Rashmi Uchil, an excerpt of which was shared by The Indian Express, Madhu opened up about how she gave ‘so little’ to Priyanka, yet the actor ‘blossomed so much’. Sharing her opinions on the nuclear family set-up, Madhu Chopra said that ‘it should be thrown out of the window’, adding how Priyanka and her brother Siddharth Chopra ‘grew up with their maasi, mami, mama, and cousins’. Also read: Priyanka Chopra’s mom ‘feels guilty’ about sending her to boarding school

Priyanka Chopra poses with mom Madhu Chopra and a friend at a concert. (File Photo)
Priyanka Chopra poses with mom Madhu Chopra and a friend at a concert. (File Photo)

“I am the proudest mom and Priyanka is my favourite topic of conversation. I take so much pride in my children. I gave so little. In return, Priyanka has blossomed so much,” Madhu Chopra, who is a film producer and a medical professional, said in the book.

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On nuclear family set-up

Madhu Chopra also said, “In my opinion, the nuclear family set-up should be thrown out of the window… My kids grew up with their maasi, mami, mama (aunts and uncles), and cousins. Family is most important to me and the same goes for the kids. In every interview Priyanka gives, she talks about family. Though I was always a working mother, I always made sure the kids were never left to themselves. My children love the joint family system. We throw family get-togethers at the drop of a hat. There are nine kids on my husband’s side and nine kids on my side. When the cousins get together, they have a blast. They are so close that you will never be able to tell the cousin from the real sibling. The bond is so strong. Even after me, they will be there for each other.”

Madhu regrets sending Priyanka to boarding school

In a recent interview with India Today, Madhu had opened up about the one thing she would change about the way she raised Priyanka. She spoke about sending Priyanka to boarding school as a child, calling it ‘not the best decision of her life’. She had said, “I wouldn’t have sent her to the boarding school. I still cry when I think about it and I still feel guilty. My fault was that I sent her to a boarding school. Not the best decision of my life.”

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