Relationship stress? Check out 10 ways to rescue and revive your bond


Relationships frequently experience stress due to life’s obligations, necessitating deliberate attempts to rekindle the spark of connection. Arguments are a common occurrence, so occasionally getting into one doesn’t indicate that your relationship is “bad.” In reality, couples‘ communication skills might actually increase when they can argue in constructive ways. Periodically experiencing tension in your relationship is normal. When unpleasant circumstances continue for an extended period of time or when relationship stress doesn’t go away between disputes, problems can occur. It’s important for couples to find practical strategies to save their relationship from stress while they work through the challenges of everyday life. (Also read: Planning to get engaged? Here are essential questions you must discuss with your partner before taking the big step )

In the face of relationship stress, the journey to rekindle connection requires intentional efforts. (Pexels)
In the face of relationship stress, the journey to rekindle connection requires intentional efforts. (Pexels)

Ways to rescue your relationship from stress

Clinton Power, relationship counsellor and marriage therapist shared in his recent Instagram post ten effective ways to rescue your relationship from stress.

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1) Appreciate the small things your partner does; it not only grows love and respect but also strengthens your friendship and keeps your relationship fun and close, especially when you spend quality time and do things together.

2) Value each other’s strong points, help out in tough times, and both put in the effort to create a strong, dependable bond.

3) Be responsive to each other’s needs, whether for quiet time or socialising, ensuring you support one another’s preferences while also making time for emotional connection together.

4) Maintain regular physical and emotional intimacy with your partner, through affectionate gestures and scheduled romantic moments. This can include simple acts like holding hands or hugging, not just sexual interactions

5) Communicate effectively, tackle problems together, and manage conflicts by swiftly addressing and repairing any upsets, ensuring open, blame-free discussions and taking breaks if needed to maintain a healthy, cooperative approach even during disagreements.

6) Create shared values, life goals, and a future vision together, as having common objectives not only strengthens your bond but also provides stability and direction.

7) Embrace and reciprocate the influence in your relationship; be open to your partner’s perspectives and allow them to shape your views, as this mutual exchange helps both of you grow, often requiring concessions for the greater good of the partnership.

8) Support and protect each other in both good and bad times and be there for each other, not just during the highs but also through struggles and relationship challenges.

9) Tackle external stressors together as a couple, whether it’s handling difficult family dynamics or managing work stress. Be proactive in finding solutions.

10) Stay flexible and adapt together to life’s changes, whether they’re positive or challenging. Share your fears and uncertainties, and work as a team to divide and conquer obstacles, supporting each other as you navigate and adapt to new situations.

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