Ronit Roy says he addressed Hrithik Roshan as ‘sir’ on Kaabil to take the ‘safe route’: ‘Hrithik said I have a problem with you’ | Bollywood News


Ronit Roy worked with Hrithik Roshan in the 2017 film Kaabil. In a recent interview, Ronit recalled the time he spent with Hrithik on the shoot of the film. Ronit said that although he had known the actor for many years, he had never worked with the star so when he landed up on set, he found it best to address him as ‘sir’. But this didn’t go well with Hrithik as he objected to it the next day.

“I was cast in a film where he is the star so you don’t really know what to do so you take the safe route. So I said, ‘Good morning, sir.’ He is the lead of the film so the safest way is to call him sir,” Ronit shared with Lehren Retro. The actor said that he had spent time with Hrithik before but the two had actually never worked together. He recalled that the after the first day went by, Hrithik called him to his van the next day.

Ronit Roy shared, “The next day at lunch, there was a knock at my door. The guy said HR sir is calling you. So I was thinking, ‘Did I do something wrong? Or he wants to go over a scene with me?’” As Ronit stepped into Hrithik’s van, the Vikram Vedha actor asked his entourage to leave them alone. “He said, ‘Ronit, I have a problem with you. I said tell me sir… He said this is the problem,’” he shared and added, “‘You are calling me sir. This doesn’t work with me. I find it difficult to be a friend if you’re calling me sir all the time. You call me Duggu. You used to call me Duggu earlier. Why are you suddenly calling me sir?” Ronit said that this gesture was “wonderful” on Hrithik’s part.

Kaabil also starred Ronit’s younger brother Rohit Roy. In a previous chat with YouTuber Siddharth Kannan, Rohit had spoken about the time when Hrithik put his foot down for the actor and stopped him from performing any action stunts until all the safety measures were in place.

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