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Royal Enfield’s newest introduction for the masses in our market is the Himalayan 450. The adventure touring machine is attracting the attention of those who love travelling and need a motorcycle to fulfil their everyday duties, along with some Himalayan expeditions. Of course, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is a purpose-built motorcycle, but the brand is retailing a slew of accessories to offer more to buyers. There will be two accessory packages – Rally Kit and Touring Kit. The former will be introduced in the market at a later stage. Prices for the accessories offered in the Touring Kit are now announced. So scroll down to figure out how much you’ll have to shell out to kit up your Royal Enfield Himalayan 450.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Cosmetic Add-Ons

To begin with, the cheapest part on the list is the handlebar pad, which is priced at Rs 950 only. Next up, for Rs 1,050 engine oil filler cap can be bought. It is sold in two different colours – silver and black.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Luggage Accessories

For touring, the much-needed accessory is the luggage system. Royal Enfield is offering both top box and pannier rails for the Himalayan 450 that are priced at Rs 2,450 and Rs 3,950, respectively. The top box, however, is priced at Rs 23,250 which we feel is slightly expensive. Nonetheless, it can be had in either of the two colour choices – silver and black. The attention to detail seems top-notch on these accessories, as the top box comes with padding for the pillion rider. Coming down to panniers, they can be bought for Rs 32,950, while an extra Rs 2,750 need to be paid for waterproof inner bags.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Touring Accessories

The Himalayan 450 gets a rather stubby windscreen, which fails to deliver enough wind protection. The issue can be fixed with a taller touring windscreen that RE is selling for Rs 3,450. There are accessory seats on offer too, which will set you back by Rs 4,450 and Rs 3,950 for the rider and pillion, respectively. Touring mirrors will improve the rear visibility, priced at Rs 6,850.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Crash Protection Accessories

For crash protection, owners can buy a set of large engine guards, which retail at Rs 4,750. Talking of protective bits on the Rally kit – metal sump guard, radiator guard, and headlight grille, they are priced at Rs 9,950, Rs 1,950, and Rs 3,950, respectively.

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