Russian Military Plane crashes with 15 Onboard; All Dead: Reports | Aviation News


In a tragic incident occurred in the Ivanovo region, northeast of Moscow, as a Russian defense ministry cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff from a western Russian air base. The aircraft, identified as an Ilyushin Il-76, was carrying a total of 15 Individuals, including eight crew members and seven passengers. According to the reports by Russian online media, there are no survivors, according to reports from cited by Reuters.

The crash is suspected to have been caused by an engine fire during takeoff, as suggested by the Russian defense minister. Disturbing videos circulating online depict the plane engulfed in flames just moments before its descent, with one engine visibly ablaze. The crash site was marked by a dark plume of smoke rising from the wreckage. 

A video shared by the Moscow Times captures the harrowing scene of the plane ablaze just moments before its tragic crash. Another purported post , circulated on X (formerly Twitter), depicts the aircraft with one engine engulfed in flames, descending rapidly toward the ground. A dark plume of smoke can be seen rising as the plane crashes down.


Notably, In January, there was another plane crash in which a Russian military transport plane, an Ilyushin-76, crashed in the southern Belgorod region near Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defence stated that the plane was carrying 65 captured Ukrainian military personnel, destined for an area for a potential prisoner exchange. Following the crash, Ukrainian military intelligence issued a statement alleging that Russia had jeopardized the lives of prisoners of war.

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