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Veteran actor Saira Banu has welcomed the New Year with Aamir Khan, his mother Zeenat Hussain and his ex-wife Kiran Rao. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Saira posted a bunch of pictures with her guests at her home. She also spoke about the bonding between Aamir and her late husband, actor Dilip Kumar. Saira recalled that Aamir Khan stood by her ‘during some really tough times’. (Also Read | Saira Banu remembers Raj Kapoor on birth anniversary, how he arrived at her, Dilip Kumar’s wedding on bended knees)

Saira Banu with Aamir Khan and his ex-wife Kiran Rao.
Saira Banu with Aamir Khan and his ex-wife Kiran Rao.

Saira shares pics with Aamir, Zeenat, Kiran

In the pictures, Saira sat on the sofa as Aamir chose to sit on the carpeted floor near her. Kiran Rao spoke with them as she relaxed on the couch. Aamir’s mother was also seen sitting near Saira as they all chatted and laughed. His sister, Nikhat Khan, was also seen in the pictures.

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What Aamir, Saira, Kiran wore

For the visit, Aamir wore a black T-shirt and grey pants. Kiran was seen in a printed top and denims. Saira wore a white outfit. In most of the photos, Aamir was seen resting his hand on Saira’s knees. She shared the photos with the caption, “With each turn of the calendar, life continues to unfold, expand, and evolve. As years morph and time advances, a fresh perspective breathes new life into our existence. Amidst this perpetual change, there remains a constant: the presence of those who have shared our life’s journey with us.”

Saira talks about her, Dilip and Aamir

Talking about Dilip Kumar and Aamir, she wrote, “For Sahib and me, Aamir has been this unchangeable presence. To this day, Aamir still holds a deep admiration for Dilip Sahib and everything he brought to Indian Cinema. It’s mutual, really. Sahib has always had a genuine appreciation for Aamir’s acting brilliance and how he flawlessly brings characters to life on screen. Personally, I’ve always been moved by Aamir’s artistry – not just in his films, but also in the way he’s embraced the role of a family member in Sahib’s and my life.”

Saira praises Aamir

“Aamir has been with me during some really tough times. I remember when I was putting together Dilip Sahib’s autobiography, The Substance And The Shadow, Aamir stepped up in every way imaginable, offering support and lending a helping hand. It’s moments like these that make you truly appreciate the kind of person he is, going beyond just the glitz and glamour of the film industry,” she also added.

Saira talks about spending New Year with them

Saira also spoke about spending the new year with Aamir and Kiran, “Yesterday, I had the pleasure of welcoming Aamir, Kiran, and Zeenat Aapa, who is Aamir’s mother, an absolutely graceful and exceptional lady, into our home. It was wonderful to start the new year with warm company, heartfelt conversations, and a delightful stroll down memory lane with Dilip Sahib.”

“It was a truly wonderful time filled with shared laughter and cherished moments. May this year unfold with the promise of continued relations, shared laughter, and the comfort of knowing that some bonds are destined to remain unchanging, no matter how much the calendar turns. #NewYear #AamirKhan,” she concluded her note.

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