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New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, Christian Lanng, co-founder and ex-CEO of San Francisco-based tech company Tradeshift, faces serious allegations of sexual assault and harassment. A former executive assistant, identified as ‘Jane Doe’ in court documents, has filed a lawsuit claiming Lanng forced her to sign a disturbing “slave contract” and subjected her to years of sexual abuse.

Disturbing Details Of The Lawsuit

According to reports from the New York Post and Mercury News, the lawsuit filed last Thursday alleges that Lanng, after hiring Jane Doe, engaged in a series of abusive acts, including rape, physical torture, and sexual harassment. (Also Read: Reverse Jyoti Maurya Case: Bihar Man Deserts Lover After Getting Government Job; Read What Happened Next)

The “slave contract” reportedly compelled Jane Doe to wear a collar, always be sexually available for Lanng, and submit to various degrading actions. (Also Read: Realme C67 5G Launched In India: Check Price, Battery, Camera, And More)

Termination And Company’s Response

Lanng was terminated earlier this year by Tradeshift for “gross misconduct on multiple grounds” after the company management learned about the allegations against him.

Jane Doe claims she was fired when she reported the nine-page “slave contract” to human resources in 2020. Tradeshift denies the allegations and maintains its innocence in the matter.

Lanng’s Response

Christian Lanng has categorically denied the allegations, asserting that the sexual relationship was consensual and that the claims in the lawsuit are “categorically false.” He admits to a prior romantic involvement with Jane Doe but claims it ended eight months after her employment at Tradeshift.

Counterclaims And Spokesperson’s Response

In response to Lanng’s denial, a spokesperson for Jane Doe questioned the notion of a consensual “slave contract” and rejected any assertion of a consensual relationship.

They emphasized that Lanng’s actions were not acceptable and criticized the decision to employ someone with whom he had a romantic involvement.

Company’s Position

While Tradeshift acknowledges being named in the lawsuit, it firmly denies the allegations. The company stated that it takes such matters seriously and is committed to a safe and respectful workplace. Tradeshift maintains that it follows proper protocols to investigate any claims of misconduct.


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