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Steelbird Hi-Tech Limited, one of India’s foremost helmet manufacturers with an international presence has introduced the SBA-20 – a modular flip-up helmet. Designed to elevate rider protection and address the pressing issue of road accidents. The launch of the SBA-20 underscores Steelbird’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and a safer riding experience for individuals across the country. The SBA-20 boasts a host of features that make it a lucrative purchase in its price point.

Steelbird SBA-20 Flip-Up Helmet: Price & Sizes

Available in sizes Medium (580mm), Large (600mm), and XL (620mm), the SBA-20 starts from Rs 1869 To Rs 2459. It can be purchased at all offline via the Steelbird outlets or online, through the manufacturer’s website.

Steelbird SBA-20 Flip-Up Helmet: Certification

The SBA-20 boasts a host of cutting-edge features that make it stand out in the market. Crafted from high-impact thermoplastic material, the helmet ensures maximum protection with a durable and resilient shell. With BIS Certification (IS 4151:2015), the SBA-20 adheres to the highest safety standards mandated by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Its dynamic air flow ventilation system guarantees optimal airflow, keeping riders cool during their journeys, while the high-density EPS provides advanced shock absorption for enhanced safety.

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Steelbird SBA-20 Flip-Up Helmet: Features

Adding a touch of style and comfort, the SBA-20 features a replaceable and washable interior with a wind deflector. A reflective part around the neck area improves visibility during night rides, addressing a crucial aspect of road safety. The polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch coated visor, available in Smoke and Chrome Finish, ensures clear vision and protection.

Steelbird SBA-20 Flip-Up Helmet: Design

The SBA-20 doesn’t compromise on convenience, incorporating a micrometric buckle for a secure and adjustable fit, a polycarbonate (PC) spoiler for a sporty look, an inner sun shield for added protection against glare, and a flip-up design for versatility. The aerodynamic design minimises wind resistance, enhancing stability, and aggressive, sporty graphics add a unique and attractive aesthetic.

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