Space Tabby: Taters The Cat Stars In NASA’s Historic First Deep Space Video – Watch | World News

[ad_1] New Delhi: In an unprecedented feat of space communication, NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications experiment has successfully transmitted an ultra-high definition video of a playful cat named Taters from a staggering distance of 31 million kilometres. This record-setting broadcast, achieved on December 11, showcases the potential for streaming high-bandwidth data from the depths of … Read more

Europe’s new Ariane 6 rocket completes key test after many delays | Technology News

[ad_1] The European-built Ariane 6 rocket completed its important first full-scale rehearsal in preparation for its first test flight, announced the European Space Agency on Thursday. During the test, crews went through a complete launch countdown, followed by full firing of the rocket’s core stage engine for seven minutes. The Ariane 6 rocket is developed … Read more

Bill Gates believes a 3-day work week is possible, foresees a future with more leisure time for humans | Technology News

[ad_1] Technology may not replace humans after all. At a time when millions of Indians are returning to office, many are debating the 6-day workweek, and some mulling over Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy’s emphasis on 70 hours of work a week. Respite is on its way, it seems. Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, who has been … Read more

North Korea says it launched spy satellite: US, South Korea & Japan raise alarm | Technology News

[ad_1] North Korea said that it launched its first spy satellite into orbit on its third attempt in six months. The move drew condemnation from Western countries, including the United States. The rocket launched at 10.42 PM local time on Tuesday night (7.13 PM IST) from the Sohae Satellite Launching Station and “put the reconnaissance … Read more

Sam Altman agrees to internal investigation after OpenAI return: Report | Technology News

[ad_1] Sam Altman, who was reinstated as CEO of OpenAI on Tuesday after getting fired by the company’s board on Tuesday, has agreed to an internal investigation of his conduct, which the board cited as the reason behind his ouster. The OpenAI blog post announcing Altman’s firing by the board, said he was not “consistently … Read more

AI system self organises to become more like human brain in a study | Technology News

[ad_1] Scientists at the University of Cambridge put physical constraints on an artificial intelligence system, similar to how human and other animal brains have to develop and operate with both physical and biological constructs. The system then developed some features of the brains of complex organisms to solve tasks. In a study published in the … Read more

UN aid to Gaza suspended amid fuel shortage, communication shutdown; UN warns of starvation

[ad_1] Israel-Palestine: A life on the hyphen Nineteen-year-old Roni Ashel’s last text message to her mother was on October 7 at 9.27 am: “Mom, I’m okay, don’t worry about me. Love you.” The 19-year-old soldier was on duty at the Israel-Gaza border that day when she was abducted by Hamas militants, one of about 200 … Read more