Putin Open To Ukraine Dialogue, Cites 2022 Peace Deal As Potential Basis | World News

[ad_1] Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed his readiness for dialogue with Ukraine, as Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the aborted 2022 peace deal could serve as the foundation for resuming negotiations.  In a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday, Putin expressed Moscow’s inclination towards reinitiating talks. However, he stressed that any … Read more

China Aiding Russia’s Largest Defence Expansion Since Soviet Era: US | World News

[ad_1] China is helping Russia in its most substantial military expansion since the Soviet era, a US official said on Friday amid growing concerns about war in Ukraine. Based on a U.S. assessment, China has upped its sales of machinery, microelectronics, and other technology to Russia. The news agency AP reported that Russia is using … Read more

At Least Eight Killed In Russian Strikes On Ukraine’s Kharkiv | World News

[ad_1] Kyiv: At least eight people were killed and 10 injured in Russian strikes on Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, on Saturday, Al Jazeera reported, citing regional officials. While regional officials said Russian forces used bombs and missiles, the national police of Ukraine claimed the attack was carried out by drones. Images of flames that had … Read more

Russia’s Putin Blames Ukraine, ‘Radical Islamists’ For Moscow Concert Hall Terror Attack | World News

[ad_1] New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday held radical islamists responsible for deadly terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall in Moscow’s outskirts, leaving several unresolved issues. “We know that the crime was committed by the hands of radical Islamists, whose ideology the Islamic world itself has been fighting for centuries,” Putin said during … Read more

‘War With People’s Everyday Lives’: Zelenskyy After Russia Launches Largest Airstrike On Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure | World News

[ad_1] Kyiv: In a significant escalation of hostilities, Russia has unleashed a devastating airstrike on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, marking one of the most extensive attacks in the ongoing conflict between the two nations. The assault, characterized by a barrage of drone and missile strikes, targeted vital energy facilities across Ukraine, leaving a trail of destruction and … Read more

Inside The US Plan To Counter Russia’s Nuclear Warfare In Ukraine | World News

[ad_1] On February 24, 2022, world witnessed the commencement of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Fast forward two years, and there is still no resolution in sight for the largest conflict in Europe since World War II. Since the beginning of the war there was a widespread anticipation that Russia would swiftly overcome Ukrainian defenses and … Read more

‘Keep Fighting’: Volodymyr Zelenskyy Urges Ukrainians As War With Russia Enters Third Year | World News

[ad_1] New Delhi: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his confidence in the country’s victory in the war against Russia, which has now entered its second year. Zelenskyy urged his soldiers to continue fighting for Ukraine, assuring them that the country will prevail in the conflict. Sharing a video from Hostomel airport, which was targeted … Read more

Russian Celebs In Trouble After Attending ‘Almost Naked’ Themed Party, Rapper Jailed | World News

[ad_1] Authorities took action against Russian celebrities who attended an “almost naked” themed party in Moscow, organised by blogger Anastasia Ivleeva, CNN reported. The event, held at the Mutabor club on December 20-21, faced strong opposition from Orthodox Church officials, pro-war activists, and pro-Kremlin lawmakers, especially considering the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Rapper Vacio, who … Read more