Taylor Swift ‘is Yoko Ono-ing’: Chiefs’ losing streak sparks frustration


The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t been finding their winning groove lately, and some fans are pointing fingers in unexpected places. With each loss, whispers grow louder about the pop queen Taylor Swift and her presence at Arrowhead Stadium. Despite focusing on their players and their practice routine, several NFL fans, and even commentators, have found an excuse to blame someone merely visiting the game to support them. While some see Swift as a supportive partner, others wonder if her arrival coincides with the team’s slump.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce(NFL, Instagram/patty_cuts)
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce(NFL, Instagram/patty_cuts)

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Taylor Swift feels the heat as the Chiefs’ struggles continue

Christmas failed to bring joy to the Chiefs as their chances of clearing the Super Bowl this time appear to be diminishing. Following Monday’s disappointing loss, frustration among some Chiefs fans spilled onto Twitter, with some drawing parallels between Taylor Swift’s presence at games and past speculation about Yoko Ono’s role in the Beatles’ breakup.

“So Taylor Swift is the Chiefs equivalent to Yoko Ono,” someone wrote, while others believed it’s both ways. “The Chiefs are not a good football team and Travis Kelce looks like he should retire. He’s been worthless the last seven or eight weeks. The double worthless Pfizer shots may have caught up with him. Either that or Taylor Swift is the Chiefs Yoko Ono. Maybe both.”

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Supportive fans and swifties rushed to defend the Cruel Summer singer, slamming the misogynistic thinking of a few people. A fan wrote “I’m sorry but when did Taylor Swift start playing offense in the NFL? And are we really still blaming Yoko Ono for the downfall of The Beatles? It was racist and sexist then and still is today. Let’s stop blaming women when men become inept at their jobs.

Skip Bayles’ comment against Taylor Swift faces criticism

Some Fox Sports 1 commentators extended their criticism beyond the Kansas City Chiefs franchise. After the game, Skip Bayless posted his comments on Twitter. He wrote “Feels like it’s about time to call Taylor Swift a distraction. What do you think, Patrick? Andy? How about you, Travis?” Well, his move was not widely welcomed by the fans, who ended up bashing him for coming up with such a bad excuse.

Someone in response wrote “Last time I checked Taylor Swift wasn’t playing for the Chiefs. that’s like calling out and Blaming the Chiefs poor performance on Britney Mahomes and his Little brother Jackson. It’s an Absolutely ridiculous and pathetic excuse.” Another said, “Since we are in dumb logicville, you are the reason the Cowboys lost this week because you watched a game and are a distraction.”

Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce going strong

Despite losing the game and facing harsh criticism, the lovebirds were spotted exiting the stadium hand in hand. The Blank Space singer arrived with her family and was seen fervently cheering for the team throughout the match, alongside Patrick Mahomes‘ wife, Britney Mahomes.

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